What Is the Job Outlook for the Master of Business Administration

Anyone who has been through the experience can tell you that graduate school is a far different beast than what you experience in undergraduate college and university programs. When it’s time to go to graduate school, there are no non-related electives and there are no side roads to tackle different majors or dilly-dally. In other words, when you hunker down for a Master of Business Administration (E.g. Mantissa MBA), it’s time to tackle the deep study of business and how that degree can help your career. However, a fully legitimate question then pops up: what is the job outlook for people with this degree?

The truth is that there is a reason why the MBA is a fantastic graduate degree to help open the career possibilities. However, it’s important to understand that the MBA is a general business graduate degree, and you will be way ahead of the game if you think about the direction you want to go with your graduate degree. In other words, do some scouting to figure out what types of careers you might want to apply your MBA towards and choose your courses and internships accordingly.

How About an Operations Research Analyst?
One career path worth pursuing is as an operations research analyst, or if you have a knack for analyzing numbers and trends, you should look at research analyst positions in all areas and fields to see what really jumps out. Being able to master statistics and trends to help with sales, production, company logistics, and more depending on the field. There’s always a need for these types of skills and going in this direction can make your MBA pay off very quickly with a quality career.

IT Manager
This is a job that will pay off for the MBA who is very tech-savvy. Many companies have issues with their IT department, but they know how important it is to have a competent IT department that knows how to take care of any problems the company will run into. A great IT manager who understands both the technical side of issues as well as how to manage the unique personalities that often come with capable IT workers is a very rare find, indeed. In other words, if this sounds like a good position then the doors will fly open for you.

Management or Financial Analyst
Managing management can be a challenge, and the same type of challenge applies when you’re looking at a financial analyst trying to manage a lot of people who are fully familiar with the financial world. Both of these fields will often require experience in addition to an MBA, but knowing these paths are available will help you make smart choices about areas of specialty study, internships, and even what beginning jobs to take in order to set this path up for you in the long run.

One of the most interesting things about an MBA is just how versatile a degree it is and how many different doors can be opened. However it’s critical to make sure you take a look at what specific path you want to take and if you do that, an MBA can be an amazing degree that opens the doors for you.


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