How To Write A Business Proposal

A business plan proposal is a formal document that can be used to assist entrepreneurs in their day to day planing, and can also be shown to venture capitalists and other funders. If you are planning on trying to borrow money then you will need to pitch your proposal to banks, and they will want to see a detailed business plan.
It is important that your plan and proposal are clear and comprehensive and that the summary is concise so that people who do not have the time to read the whole thing will still have a chance to get a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve. You should explain the goals of your business as well as why you are uniquely suited to achieving those goals. GE Consult can help you through this process.
This part is the part that is perhaps the most important. You need to convince the people who are responsible for giving you money that you are going to be able to fulfill the promises that you make. This means proving not just that you know there is demand for the product or service, but that you have the skills in management, record keeping, accounting and other business related jobs to manage the business properly.
All too often, companies fail because the business owner was not smart with cash flow or good at marketing. Lenders and funders don’t want to back ‘good ideas’ they want to back the people that they know can pull them off.

A major part of writing a business plan and a proposal is speculation. You will be asked to provide cash flow forecasts and other information, and some of this will be based on guess-work. There is little you can do about this other than try to make it as accurate as possible.
Remember that the proposal is just that – it is not set in stone and it is something that you will need to re-evaluate over time.  Try to focus on the information that is most important to your lenders, and remember that you can flesh out other details over time as more information becomes available.
Think of the plan as a living document. Update it when you earn new qualifications, get feedback, learn new things, or find that things change. Listen to what people have to say, and conduct regular market research. Take any opportunity you can get to go on courses funded by your local council or government, and revise the plans whenever the opportunity arises. Remember that the needs and interests of your consumers are always changing, as is the market that you are competing in. The plan you used to put in for funding a year ago is not going to be enough to get you funding today. Be realistic, honest and ruthless when assessing your ideas, so that you always have a document that is smart, reasonable, actionable and a sound starting point for growing a strong, healthy, profitable and sustainable business.

Bitcoin’s Malaysian Performance

Prior to examining Bitcoin’s current status in Malaysia, it pays to get a good understanding of what Bitcoin truly is.

Facts About Bitcoin

In essence, Bitcoin is a new type of payment system developed in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin was launched as a peer-to-peer, open-source system. Part of Bitcoin’s novelty is in the way it operates and the way in which users are able to transact on a direct basis instead of using middlemen. Each transaction involving Bitcoin is verified via network node and documented publicly in a block chain ledger.


There is no system administrator or centralized repository needed for Bitcoin. Thus, it is defined as being a decentralized currency. Users employ their computer abilities to record and provide verification for payments in the publicly available ledger. They are in turn compensated with new Bitcoins and transaction fee payments. This is what is referred to as mining.

Many love Bitcoin because it involves amazingly low transactions costs. Those using the system have the freedom to save more money by using Bitcoin for transactions than traditional currency. Though Bitcoin is not legalized everywhere, it is gaining popularity worldwide and is achieving credibility as a reliable payment system.

Worldwide Reach And Legal Considerations

bitcoin mapStarting in 2009, the payment system known as Bitcoin has been expanding its global reach, as more and more individuals begin to use it as a routine method of making transactions. Its growing popularity demonstrates the system’s effectiveness and illustrates its real potential for becoming a valued currency going forward. Bitcoin’s splash in the financial realm has been so significant that at one time, the price of one Bitcoin surpassed that of one Troy ounce of gold.

The legal acceptance and status of Bitcoin varies among locality, and is not at all universal in nature. There are certain countries that have specifically approved the use of Bitcoin, whereas others have explicitly disallowed it or restricted it substantially. Overall, however, Bitcoin is a payment system that seems to have real longevity, even in the face of some serious hurdles that have been placed in its way.

Bitcoin Use In Malaysia

The Bitcoin system is quickly gaining a foothold in Malaysia as countless individuals start to recognize its real value. The influence of Bitcoin is so notable that 2013 saw a meeting between Malaysian Bitcoin supporters and one of the country’s major banking institutions. Though nothing concrete came of the summit, the mere fact of the meeting highlights the interest traditional banking players have in Bitcoin and bodes well for the future.

In Malaysia, the use of the Bitcoin system is not subject to Central Bank regulation. Though warnings are regularly issued about the possible risks of using the system, greater numbers of Malaysians are beginning to see for themselves how efficient Bitcoin can be.

Ever since making its initial appearance in Malaysian markets, Bitcoin has made real gains, with localized Bitcoin trading groups having formed. Among the entities with true global influence include localbitcoins.com, BitX Malaysia, Mtgox.com and even more.

Because the Bitcoin system does not operate unfettered in Malaysia, purchasing and using Bitcoins in the country can be challenging, but not impossible. Fortunately, there are tried and true methods available to make trading with Bitcoin easier. But, Bitcoin is not yet available to be traded in Ringgit, making things somewhat harder.

The good news is that interested parties can trade by changing currency to one of several acceptable currency types, including U.S. Dollars, Singapore Dollars and Hong Kong Dollars. After this occurs, it is possible to transfer funds to whichever Bitcoin company is desired in order to begin purchasing Bitcoins.

Perhaps you are curious about what you can do with your Bitcoins after buying them. You can purchase items or even pay for services with them, as there are growing numbers of Malaysian firms willing to accept the Bitcoin system. Or, you may decide to start selling Bitcoins yourself, converting your own coins into whatever type of currency you prefer. The choice of how to make the Bitcoin system work best really is yours and yours alone. The options are vast and expanding by the day.


Places You Must Visit In Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s most adorable cities, and it attracts visitors from all around the globe. Individuals are attracted to the city for several reasons, for example, it is rich history, great foods, and its moderate costs when it comes to activities you can do. Not only that, but each and every year, more than 5 million guests visit the city, and if you anticipate being one of them, then you will need to take a voyage through this brilliant city.
Kuala lumpur cityscape
Kuala Lumpur has consistently been a city of cultures, and as a fact, Chinese excavators/engineers lived along Malays. The city inevitably became formalized, thanks to the British government. Likewise, as the city developed, the British lent an air of colonial.

At one time the Japanese possessed the city, and after World War II finished, the city was left in turmoil, and the same happened to the rest of Malaysia.  The city of Kuala Lumpur faced difficult eras that included civil-wars, insurgencies and financial disasters. The city transcended everything and turned into a great center of business. As it can be noted, the city is rich with history and its economy is one of the strongest in the planet, and the individuals who need to get a vibe for what it feel to be in Malaysia ought to visit the city of Kuala Lumpur.

malaysia postcardsSince you know something about the city, you should to know some destinations in the city, and one of the spots you ought to visit is the Petronas Twin Towers, which are the most astounding dual skyscrapers in the planet. The Kuala Lumpur tower is likewise some place you will need to visit, as you can appreciate eating at the rotating restaurant situated there, and additionally beautiful view of the city. Then again, it does cost some cash to go to the upper levels of the Petronas Towers, yet you will probably realize that it is definitely worth the money.

If you choose to take a tour through the city, then you will definitely be brought to the Merdeka Square, which is full of ancient history, and you will appreciate seeing the different structures that can be found there, and you will definitely have the ability to get a glimpse into the city’s development. A percentage of the structures you will have the capacity to appreciate while in the square comprise some colonial offices, and in addition advanced sky scrapers and also Moorish style developments. If you cherish history, then definitely you will love touring the square, as there is 200+ years worth of history that is shown there.

Malaysians About UsAny great visit will take you to the National Monument, which will leave you in wonder. The National Monument celebrates the individuals who found for Malaysia in World War II, and also the savage years that followed it. The National Monument is one of those spots you must visit while in Malaysia, so verify you visit it.

Likewise, make a point to visit the old and new National Palaces. The new Palace is stunning to look at, so make sure that you carry a camera so that you can take photographs while there. The old Palace is presently a gallery; however it is also a spot you will need to visit.


Buying Cheap Formal Dreses Online

Formal dresses are not that cheap, and often, tend to fall on the expensive bracket when it comes to the clothing market. Nonetheless, the entrance of the internet and the growth of online shopping, has made things easier when it comes to buying formal dresses that are not only stylish, but also relatively cheap.

A-line formal dressThe great thing about getting such formal dresses is that they make you look and feel like an A-list celebrity. As such, it has become easier for ladies to look for, and get a stylish dress that will let their personality stand out in a crowd. The beauty of this is that you get the ability to find a fit that will perfectly suit your personality; and the good thing is that such dresses as these come in different sizes including plus-size and maternity.

While most ladies prefer for that off-the-shoulder look, the truth is that there are some that have a tendency of going for dresses that have a bold and red-colored carpet design. Be it you are searching for an inexpensive long evening dress or a short one, you can easily find and buy one on the internet in any store that most majors with formal dresses. All you need to do is to filter your search, and voila! You just might be surprised to find out that most of the dresses listed in some of the websites are cheaper than you thought.

formal evening dressesIf you carefully choose the dress you want, you could end up owning an evening dress that is stunning and which will the envy of many. The kind of dress that will make you feel and look like a royal princess or a Hollywood star. Be it you are searching for that ageless style that can be worn over and over, or if you are looking for a dress that packs a cutting-edge and unique look, you are in lack as evening dresses come in diverse styles that will match any lady?s taste.

The trending sexy evening dresses and black evening gowns today are without a doubt unique and classy; however, we think that the simpler a dress is, the more stylish you may end up looking. While evening dresses today are easier to buy and can be bought at a cheaper price, the interesting thing is that they really do not look that cheap.

Be it you are young or are just young at heart, finding an evening dress that will suit your taste and style, and which will make you the center of attention, at a discount is easier today; but that is if you are looking at the right places.

The good thing is that there are plenty of stores in the market today that specialize in selling affordable evening dresses. If you do not know where to look, you can always opt to use Google to find them. However, you have to be very careful and ready for anything as the actual dress may be something totally different from the picture you saw. That is why you really need to make sure that online store you are about to buy from has reliable reviews from customers who have shopped there.

fun online shopping

Other than that, have fun as you shop.
If you are looking for a prom dress, there are classy and elegant promenade dresses online that are not only stylish but also cheap. From lengthy ball gowns to cocktail short dresses, such dresses can be found at a discount and are often based on the current and trending top designer styles.